ming pottery and teachable moments

every year at sas we have a week dedicated to celebrating our host country, china. the chinese teachers organize performances, our fifth graders take a three day trip with hands-on chinese cultural experiences and the art room makes chinese-themed art! it's my first year so my favorite teaching partner, (who's been out on medical leave …

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typography and hand lettering club

  hand lettering, typography, fonts, fonts, fonts - my current obsession. after watching an episode of abstract on netflix about graphic designer paula scher i was pretty much hooked on type, particularly the art of hand drawn letters. [side note: if you haven't seen the abstract series and you're in any way creative or want to be more …

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andy goldsworthy exploration

three and four year olds. this year, i've been introduced to the wonderful, chaotic, messy and absolutely delightful world that is early childhood education. at our school we've recently adopted the reggio emilia approach in our pre-k and kindergarten programs which means tons of fun for me as an art teacher because the classroom teachers already …

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